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About The Dye Depot | Buy Mimosa Hostilis | USA

About The Dye Depot

The Dye Depot | Buy Mimosa Hostilis | USA

We're a small team of friends dedicated to giving you the very best ethically harvested Mimosa hostilis root bark, straight from the source, and for a very fair price :)

We have 7 years of experience in the export business, and a registered LLC company to make sure our MHRB arrives safely to you.

Respect For Nature

Brazilian Juremeiros have a very deep connection to the mimosa hostilis trees, and they treat them with the utmost respect.


We collect the bark from the jurema by uncovering the roots first, then stripping as much bark possible without inflicting damage. After this very labor intensive process, we cover the roots with dirt again so it heals without causing damage to the tree.


We wait at least one year before we harvest from the same tree again to ensure it has time to heal properly. Our Mimosa hostilis trees are grown in our private property and we do not use pesticides or mineral fertilizers.

Mimosa Hostilis Trees | The Dye Depot | USA
Harvesting from Mimosa Hostilis Bark | The Dye Depot | USA

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We harvest our Mimosa hostilis bark in calculated quantities so our stock lasts approximately one month.

While we sell our current stock, the next batch is being harvested and processed. We do this to ensure freshness and consistent quality of our bark.

Our MHRB is never more than 2 months old and the pre-powdered bark is kept in air-tight containers to prevent oxidation of the tannins.

Hassle Free

We are a registered company so we can export our Mimosa hostilis with all the required documentation. 

We offer discreet shipping methods and we have business accounts with three courier companies. This allows us to offer competitive shipping prices and the ability to reship with a different company when one of them fails to deliver.

We ship all the orders with over 15 pages of documentation, be it 500g or 25 Kg.

Hassle Free Export of Mimosa Hostilis | USA | The Dye Depot

Buy Mimosa Hostilis Root Bark Straight from Brazil.