Mimosa Hostilis Benefits for Skincare

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Tepezcohuite, also known as mimosa hostilis, has a long history of use in Mexican and Brazilian culture. The herb is widely known for its skin-regenerating and wound-healing properties. Its root bark powder has been used for ages to treat burns, lesions, scars, and to enhance beauty and wellness.

The Mimosa hostilis tree is also adoringly called “the skin tree,” signifying its tremendous healing potential and numerous skincare uses. The rich phytochemistry of the plant is responsible for making this herb a powerhouse of nourishment. Mimosa root bark powder has been found to contain various compounds that are beneficial for the skin, including flavonoids, tannins, alkaloids, lipids, phytosterols, xylose, saponins, and glucosides.

The dried powder of mimosa hostilis bark is packed with immense benefits for the skin. It works in multiple ways, which on regular use, can boost overall skin health and make it resilient to environmental factors. Let’s dive deeper into some of these benefits and how you can include mimosa in your skincare routine.